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  • Three-Month Meditation Retreat at IMS, Barre, MA

    Three-Month Meditation Retreat at IMS, Barre, MA

    I’ll be at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA from September 12 to December 5 doing their yearly Three-month Meditation Retreat. If you really need to contact me for some very important reason, please contact my wife Philomena (on her cell phone). I hope to clear out my head, deepen my concentration and mindfulness…

  • Lessons and Legacy

    Lessons and Legacy

    In the beginning of June before I retired, I read through my Annual Reports, starting back in 2000, all 24 of them.  I enjoyed this delightful trip down memory lane.  So many memorable events.  So many emotions remembering the people who have died or who are no longer part of the congregation, many of them…

  • Running for the UUA Board!

    Running for the UUA Board!

    I’m pleased to report that I have been nominated by the UUA Nominating Committee to run for the UUA Board. I hope you’ll consider voting for me. Here is a link to my campaign page!

  • Introducing Mostly Mindful Minister

    While this site isn’t completely ready for prime time, I thought I’d put a first post up so at least the world can begin to link to it.  I’m moving away from my HTML 1.0 web site I started way back in 1994 as a way to distribute my writing called Sam’s Bookshelf and Cafe…