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1/22 Rev. Sam Trumbore Article II Part 2: Shared Values and Commitments PDF
1/8 Rev. Sam Trumbore Article II Part 1: Not Enough Verbs PDF
11/6 Rev. Sam Trumbore God is Change PDF
10/2 Rev. Sam Trumbore Courageous Accountability PDF
10/2 Rev. Sam Trumbore Beyond Tribalism PDF
9/18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Belonging in Community PDF
4/10 Rev. Sam Trumbore Living with Hopelessness PDF
4/3 Rev. Sam Trumbore Insights from the Cushion PDF
1/16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Sum of Us PDF
1/9 Rev. Sam Trumbore Zero Sum Dilemma PDF
12/12 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Presence of Joy in the Holy


12/5 Rev. Sam Trumbore

The Peaceful Joy of Frozen Ground


11/28 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Transcendentalist Roots of Justice


11/14 Rev. Sam Trumbore

The Minority Opinion


11/7 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Truth Matters


10/24 Rev. Sam Trumbore



10/10 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Climate Change, Pipelines, and Indigenous People

10/3 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Communal Asperations

09/26 Philomena Moriarty

The Art of Listening

05/23 Rev. Sam Trumbore No Last Chapter in Our UU Story PDF
05/02 Rev. Sam Trumbore Danger of a Single Story PDF
03/28 Rev. Sam Trumbore Commitment to Action PDF
03/21 Rev. Sam Trumbore Commitment to Peace Video
03/14 Rev. Sam Trumbore Commitment to Justice PDF
03/07 Rev. Sam Trumbore Commitment to Love PDF
02/07 Rev. Sam Trumbore The Evolution of Community PDF
01/24 Rev. Sam Trumbore Queer Theology PDF
01/17 Rev. Sam Trumbore & Jaye Holly Racial Healing PDF
01/03 Rev. Sam Trumbore Imagine What Could End, Resume, and Begin! PDF
12/13 Rev. Sam Trumbore Nature’s Stillness PDF
12/06 Rev. Sam Trumbore Remembering To Be Still And Know PDF
11/08 Rev. Sam Trumbore Healing Our Nation PDF
10/28 Rev. Sam Trumbore What Democracy Looks Like PDF
10/18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Democracy Under Threat PDF
10/04 Rev. Sam Trumbore Listen Within for Beyond PDF
09/27 Rev. Sam Trumbore Return to Love … Again PDF
08/09 Rev. Sam Trumbore Socially Engaged Buddhism and Racial Justice PDF
03/08 Rev. Sam Trumbore Valuing Truth More Than Power PDF
01/12 Rev. Sam Trumbore Beloved Community PDF
01/05 Rev. Sam Trumbore Reflecting Backward, Planning Forward PDF


January 20Love and Powervideo
February 3Earning Trustpdf
February 24Intersectionality, Trust, Communitypdf
March 3The Road to Jerusalempdf
March 10What Will You Pack?pdf
March 24Pilgrimagepdf
March 31Encountering the Unexpectedpdf
April 14Stuck in Brokennesspdf
September 15Stop Human Extinctionpdf
November 11Cost of Homelessnesspdf
December 8Graceful Delightpdf


January 7Intention Does Not Equal Impactpdf
January 21Collapse of the Enlightenment Era?pdf
February 4Order, Disorder, Reorderpdf
February 11      The Joy of Fasting  with Eileen Casey-Campbellpdf
February 18Why Did You Doubt?pdf
March 18A More Perfect Unionpdf
 April 29Emerging Hope: Glimpses of the Promised Landpdf
September 16Finding Truth and Meaning on the Marginspdf
September 23The American Tradition of Dissentpdf
September 30 How to Keep Our Heart Open … In Hard Timespdf
November 4America: The Minority Reporpdf
November 11America: The Glorious Visionpdf


January 8Tongues of Firepdf
January 22Our UU Prophetic Messagepdf
February 5Strong Identity Supports Diversitypdf
February 12Faith in Group Selectionpdf
February 19Rescuing a Jesus for Liberals to Lovepdf
 March 5The Altruist’s Dilemmapdf
March 19Honoring Agnosticismpdf
April 9Money Changers in the Templepdf
April 30Seeking Other Worldspdf
May 7Making the Water Visiblepdf
May 14Honoring our Foremothers: Margaret Fullerpdf
September 17Expanding Our Welcomepdf
October 22After 500 Years, is the Reformation Over?pdf
November 5A Vulnerable Humanism of the Heartpdf
November 19Gratitude to Indian Giverspdf
December 3When the Yule Log Won’t Lightpdf
December 10The Holy Flame of Lifepdf


January 3The Complaint Free ChallengepdfIntroduction of wearing purple bracelets as a way to remind ourselves to change our complaining and criticizing habits.
January 31 Defiant HereticspdfA look at our heretical tradition, its value and its problems.
February 21Cultivating Healthy DesirepdfExploration of Amanda Palmer’s ideas of generosity and asking.
February 28The Fulfillment of DesirepdfExploration of Amanda Palmer’s ideas of generosity and asking.
March 6Liberation through Cultural and Theological CompetencepdfExamining the parallels between different methods of interfaith dialogue and theories of how to develop greater cultural competence and cross cultural communication.
March 13Liberation through Witnessing ImpermanencepdfUsing the experience of my meditation retreat experience in February and exploring how impermanence could be helpful in the process of liberation.
March 20Liberation through SacrificepdfA challenging sermon looking at Jesus’ decision to go to Jerusalem and his mission to realize the Realm of God on Earth.
April 24Climate Change … and You … and UspdfApproaching climate change in a moral way rather than as a policy question.
September 18The Occupy Movement: 5 Years Laterpdf 
October 9Healing Through Repentancepdf 
October 23American Fear of Islampdf 
November 20Reconciliation Through a Fuller Storypdf 
December 11A Path of Presencepdf 
December 18The Thread That You Followpdf 


January 11Fighting For Lost Causespdfanother social justice themed service that used video clips from the movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as part of the presentation.
January 25Fulfillment Through Passing the BucketpdfExplored the theme of growing through service and  included one of the architects of Growth through Service who was visiting for a workshop January 24. 
February 1Faitheist?pdfinvestigated two different UU theological trends, the new atheists’ movement from the angle of those who are not resistant to traditional religious concepts but are atheists
February 22Selma: The UU BackstorypdfThere is quite an interesting backstory to UU’s involvement in Selma
March 8Pentacostal UUs?pdfthe merger of a Black Pentecostal church with the Tulsa UU congregation and asked if there are lessons for us.
September 20What Does Forgiveness Require?pdf
October 4Twenty-First Century HumanismpdfTwo sermons
October 25Humanistic Buddhism pdf pdfon Humanism to stimulate interest and discussion for two classes that followed them that used the same names as titles for the classes
October 11Freedom and Fulfillment Through Letting GopdfAn examination of white privilege and the need to abandon it for everyone’s benefit.
November 8The Pluralistic Spirit of the Sacred HarppdfWe enjoyed guest Shape Note singers from Bennington who performed this music for us. The songs were mixed in with background on this musical tradition and religious connections to it.
December 6A Season of Anticipationpdf


September 14Overcoming Betrayal of Faithpdf 
September 28A Second Chancepdf
October 5A Sensual Faithpdf I showed slides of paintings I photographed in Europe as part of my mini-sabbatical last May.
November 9Grace #2: Rescued by Lovepdf 
November 18Grace #3: Poisoned by Cravingpdf 
December 7Missing Youpdf
December 14The Lamp Will Keep Burningpdf


An Evolving Faith, PDF, May 5 2013
Unitarians and Universalists were among the first religious traditions to accept Darwin’s theories of evolution. Before that, we aligned ourselves with heretics that questioned doctrinal assertions that Jesus didn’t have a human father, was co-eternal with God, performed miracles that violated natural law, and returned from the dead. Come hear how our faith continues to evolve today.
Loyal Heretics, PDF, May 19 2013
As a religious tradition that values individual discernment rather than conformity to revealed truth, we sometimes disagree with each other. But disagreement need not be disagreeable. Done well, conflict can stimulate our mutual growth and development as individuals and as a congregation.
Expanding Gender Identity PDF, February 17, 2013
Stuck in the “gender binary” enforcement of male and female as our sexual identity? Consider a far more fluid definition of gender beyond the sex a doctor assigns a baby at birth.

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