UU Prayer for Democracy

This is a petitionary prayer
I’m going to ask for something.

Not in my lifetime has there been such a challenge to democracy.

Not in my lifetime have so many elected officials
embraced a lie told by a former President unwilling to recognize he is a loser.

Not in my lifetime has the boring process of running an election
been so endangered by election officials
            who already know the correct outcome.

What I pray for today
as people vote and the polls close Tuesday night
             is for our democracy.
I pray that our elections are trustworthy and not corrupt.
I pray that the candidates accept the outcomes when the votes are counted.

May the God of Change, change the hearts
of those who would subvert the process and intimidate the voters.

I pray that around the country,
no matter which candidate wins,
democracy will be the undisputed winner.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2022)