Traveling Prayer

Whether my journey is to the bathroom;
Or to the car to drive across town;
Or to the airport to fly half way around the world
each journey has the potential for danger.

May I be safe, peaceful and free from harm.

Wherever I may go,
even just moving across a room to a chair,
there is the potential for tripping, or stepping on another’s foot
The possibility of disturbing  another person’s life.

May I and those around me be safe, peaceful and free from harm.

As I move on whatever journey I feel inspired to take
May I find food when I am hungry.
May I find water when I am thirsty.
May I find shelter from the ever-changing elements.
May I find support when I am weary and rest when I am tired.
May I find patience and endurance when I am challenged and tested.
And may I remember when I am alone and vulnerable,
            that the presence of love is never far away.

Wherever we journey,
Whatever our destination might be,
May we all be safe, peaceful and free from harm.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2019)

from service: What Will You Pack?