The Truth of This Moment

What is true in this moment, isn’t far away.
It isn’t on some higher ethereal plain
That takes years of navel gauzing to discover.

It is right here, right now.

What you are experiencing right now is true.

Not necessarily your thinking about
            what you are experiencing right now.
But the flow of this moment into the next moment
Seamlessly and without interruption.

If you can just know what is arising and passing away
right now
you will be deeply in touch with what is true
right now.

There isn’t any right or wrong or better or worse to right now.
It is what it is.
All you add is the knowing of it
moment to moment.

Noticing what changes.
Noticing what doesn’t change … if you can.

The only effort required is paying close attention to
what is
right now.

Let’s give it a try during the silent meditation
you’re willing and able.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2021)