Spiritual Disruption

In these troubled times,
There are many ways to become distracted
            and follow the unwholesome ways of the world.

Discomfort with new ideas can morph
             into fear and dread.

Intimations of suspicion can easily be spun
             into stories of conspiracy.

The spectacle of the passing show leads away
            from the assurance of core values and principles, and
            undermines the confidence
                         of sacred traditions and wise teaching.

As we defend the bulwarks of our beliefs against all threats,
.           there may also be a time when we stumble.

That stumble will come as an unexpected surprise
but the consequences of stumbling
             will interrupt a sense of assurance.

The confident defense against all threats
            will meet one that gets through the lines and over the walls.

And confusion and helplessness will shadow the doors and windows.

In that disorientation,
            where carefully crafted strategies now lead
                         toward ruin and destruction,

Emptiness and distress will loom over
            the best laid plans of the past.

Even though clouds gather in front of the sun
            and a chill wind begins to blow,
the light of hope has not gone out.
But now, the light can no longer be kindled in old lamps
            depleted of fuel whose wicks are now too thin.

Let us pause now in the liminal space
            between the certainty of youth, the crisis of middle age,
                        and the letting go of the aged;

And seek a sense of inner guidance
            that can serve as our compass to show us the way
                        when no way seems possible.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2018)

From service: Order, Disorder, Reorder