Seek the Center

Let us turn inward now to seek the center
Do not be distracted by
            the encrusted dishes in the sink,
            the tarnished silverware in the drawer,
            the musty clothes on the floor,
            the piles of unread books on the nightstand,

Finding the center doesn’t depend on when
            the dishes are done, the silver is polished,
            the clothes are clean, or the books are all read.

The center isn’t a task to complete or mission to accomplish.

It is a place of balance
            through which energy flows and is released.
 It is a state of clarity
            that permits the mind to make sense of the world.
It is a capacity to connect
            that brings together parts into a whole.

May we seek our own center
            of what we know is good, true, and beautiful about ourselves
                        following signs and signals from our hearts.
From that center,
            may our love flow to the world.

Rev. Sam Trumbore (2023)