Sam’s Sermons 2006

Sam was on sabbatical during the beginning of 2006.  You can go with him on some of his travels.  He made a DVD of his travels that are on YouTube.  Here are the links:

Retreat at Insight Meditation Society

Trip to Thailand part 1

Trip to Thailand part 2

Trip to Colorado and the Southwest

Visit to Washington DC

Visit to Wisconson

Good Enough … And Getting Better, November 12, 2006
In the depths of a Buddhist meditation retreat at the beginning of his sabbatical, Rev. Trumbore had a powerful moment of insight, connecting core ideas and traditions of Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism. He continues to discover strong associations that offer many Unitarian Universalists a non-theistic approach to spirituality compatible with our UU heritage and values.
The Intersection of Liberal Politics and Religion, November 5, 2006
What political imperatives come from our liberal religious values? Certainly any imperatives cannot be Democratic, Republican or Green Party. We can however focus on issues. What are the important issues we should be reflecting on as we select the candidates we vote for? Is there a liberally religious political framework to guide us?
Neurotheology: The Urge to Believe, October 22, 2006
The media is bombarding us with scientific research results suggesting our lives are governed by our hormones, genetic makeup, and the structures of our brain. Now, some research suggests that we are genetically programmed to believe in God. If so, how does it affect our valuing of free will and personal responsibility? Is this programming the result of random natural selection or a genetic equivalent of revelation? What might this mean for Unitarian Universalism and our free liberally religious tradition?