Renewal of Trust

Trust is a fundamental building block of our community.
Mutual concern and support connects us together.
Respect, boundaries, and accountability create a feeling of safety.
Generosity and non-judgment help us feel we belong here.

Unfortunately, our trust building skills aren’t perfect.
Intentionally or, more often, unintentionally, feelings get hurt

Even though promises get broken;
Even though we don’t always follow through on our commitments;
Even though a sense of betrayal can pierce our heart;

May we remember that trust can be,
             and indeed must be, renewed,
                         again and again.

May the experience of renewed trust
            that rekindles an illuminating inner warmth
             lead us back to believing in each other again
                        and again and again

(c) Sam Trumbore (2019)

from the service titled: Earning Trust