Queering the Song “Let It Be”

(My call to celebration this morning is a reinterpretation,
 a “queering” if you will, of the song “Let It Be.”)

We live in troubled times
Every time systemic racism is exposed,
            the system fights back and tries to cover its tracks.
Again and again, broken hearted people of color
            and their allies who seek to dismantle white supremacy culture
                        Raise their voices in protest.
And, there is still a chance that the defenders of the status quo
             will see and wake up.

Wake up and see
There will be an answer.  There will be an answer.
Words of wisdom will guide us.  There will be an answer.

The night of racism appears in the forms of clouds
That hide the truth from our sight.
Yet there is still a light that shines on me, on us
to show us the way to liberation.

So this morning I ask you to hear this phrase
“let it be” differently.

Rather than resignation,
Let us hear the words as a call to action,
A call to bring peace, equity and justice to life.

Let it be, let it become,
let peace, justice and liberation become real.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2021) with appreciation to the Beatles!

(Prelude was a “Let It Be” duet by Randy Rosette and Chris Bystroff)