Prayer for Accountability

Spirit of life and love

We seek forgiveness this day
forgiveness for our indifference to the numerous signs
of your presence around us,
for our inability to value the skies and the earth
as our only home,
for our inability to make the connections
between our lives and the earth
the source of every molecule of our body
the destination of our remains
when the power of our life force passes away.

We pray for a profound change
in the hearts of all humanity
so we may diminish the destruction
   of the ecological balance,
      the pollution of our air and water
      the clearing of our forests
      the stripping of nutrients from our soils;
so we may diminish the impoverishment
      of the human spirit.

May we discover a way of being
    Indigenous peoples have always known
    that will help us find the balance
            so the earth and all life may flourish.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2022)