Prayer for Political Enemies

In this time of heightened tension and polarization
            the eyes narrow and the brow furrows
                        when we see signs of political opponents in our neighbor’s yard.

The heartrate elevates and the mouth frowns
            when the image of political opponents appear on our screens
                        Or their voices cause painful sensations in our ears.

Let us now put politics aside for just this moment
            and remember the humanity of those with whom we disagree.

Can we find a way to both hold our core convictions that drive our choices and
            recognize others have different priorities and values.
Can we experience this dissonance without hate but with curiosity and
            discover they share with us other priorities and values

Can we put aside our assumptions and expectations and
            find out who that neighbor really is in their full humanity?
Can we hold open the possibility that they may change and
            they may change us?

May we hold open the possibility
            that we can learn from and empathize with each other
            that we can influence each other
            that it may be possible for us to love each other
                        when right now we can’t even imagine it.

May we find a way to hold open our hearts at least a crack
            for the unexpected to surprise us and
                        the Spirit of Life to move in, through and between us.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2020