Love and Dissent

You’ve heard expressions like “love your enemy”
and “hate the sin and love the sinner,”
and  wish for the happiness of all beings.

These are sweet sounding sentiments
that are extremely hard to put into practice
            especially when we disagree or feel threatened.

How do we dissent and
            resist institutional and systemic evil all around us
            without diminishing another’s inherent worth and dignity?
            Especially if they don’t share our politics?

When we get lost in aversion and our heart closes to another
may we find within ourselves
a feeling of connection to a greater source of love.

However you name that greater source,
             in a way that makes sense to you,
know that love is a real, powerful force in us and beyond us
            a Presence greater than it is possible for us to imagine.
Never underestimate what love can do
            to make a difference for the good.

In the difficult moments of our lives,
            and I know some of you are going through them now,
Remember that love is real, present and available.
Remember love can change us and make the difference
            even when we think we can’t make any difference at all.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2018)

From service: The American Tradition of Dissent