Harm of Racism

Black people already know, on a daily basis,
the harm they encounter because of racism
and the American system of white supremacy.

The truth is
any form of hatred causes harm.
It causes harm to everyone
whether they are an active or passive participant.

Unless you are actively interrupting the system,
the system of white supremacy
you are a cooperating part of that system.
you are a participant,
enabling the harm of others
And being morally, spiritually and emotionally harmed too.

The system operates to hide this truth
and distract you from the harm being done
by you, through you, to you …
unless you are Black or a Person of Color
and then the system wants you to feel the harm
so you’ll be afraid, stay in line, and remain silent.

This status quo system of oppression
thrives on lies and secrecy,
on silence and inaction.

May we uncover the lies
reveal the secrets
Speak truth into the silence
and act in solidarity for the good of all.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2022)