Water Gathering Blessing

We gather water from people’s adventures over the summer in a common vessel.  I like to then bless the water.  Here is my blessing for this year (2013):

What a joy for us to gather our water in a common vessel.

Though we’ve gathered water from many real places
 and many virtual places
The molecules of water we each have contributed to the common vessel
 have known all these places.
Each drop we have poured in has fallen from the sky,
 flowed across the land to the sea,
 and returned to the sky again,
 countless times.

We too, may have returned to this room many times
or this may be the first time we are here.
Yet, in spirit, we have all met each other
many, many times.
In the grand scheme of life,
the chemicals that make up our flesh and bones
the air that we breath in and out,
even the gallons and gallons of water we have drunk,
connect us all together.

We are made of the same stardust,
sprouting legs to walk on the earth
and arms to reach for the sky.

 May the merging of our water
remind us of our fundamental unity of being and spirit.
We are not alone and separate
though we walk on this earth only for a short time.
When we come together in community
we make real the truth of our deep interconnection.

A oneness of the spirit of life that knows no end.