Coming Together After an Election

Let us be grateful this morning
for the amazing privilege of living in a free and democratic nation,
a nation of great resources, opportunity and ability.

We are a land of many colors, cultures,
            beliefs, backgrounds and ideologies.
We embrace different politics and
            a peaceful way to settle our differences.

We vote.

On Tuesday we exercised our freedom to elect our leaders.

Because of our political diversity,
            some of us woke up happy Wednesday
            while others were disappointed.
(I sense a lot of the disappointed here this morning)

Whether we chose them or not,
May we come together in support for our newly elected leaders.

May they be guided in their ability
    to serve with wisdom, courage, and integrity
        as they represent us and govern.

May their eyes and hearts be opened to see our greatest needs
      and set the priorities for our government
May they not be distracted by the trivial from
      the significant and profound needs of their constituents.
May they be surrounded by wise and ethical people
      who will provide good counsel and encouragement.
May they find hope, wisdom, and strength as they govern.

And may we not forget that it doesn’t matter who elected them
They were elected to serve all of us and all our needs.
And it is okay to remind them of that.

May we not forget our civic duty to communicate with our elected officials
       and remind them of their oath to serve all the people
       for the good of the whole community.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2021)

part of the November 7, 2021 service, Truth Matters