Before Seeking New Worlds

Before we look up to the heavens,
Let us look down to the earth,
            and honor our mother, our source, our home.

Without you and your enveloping protection
            we cannot live even a minute.
 Without you we are nothing but
             protoplasm, skin, bone and gas.

The plants that grow upon you
             feed us, clothe us, protect us.
The creatures that creep upon you
             feed us, clothe us, and protect us.
The air, water and minerals in and around you
             shield, support and sustain all of us.

To you we offer our undying gratitude, devotion and love.

We know we have taken you for granted.
We confess we have exploited you for our own gain.
We regret our profligate consumption of fossil fuel.
We grieve the mass extinction of species
             that is mostly our fault.
We know we have missed
            enumerable opportunities to treat you better.

Maybe we can’t do this by ourselves,
Maybe we need help to stop abusing you
            as we mine your tar sands for oil

This motivates my prayer to you today.
You are our mother, you know us better than anyone.
Show us the way to turn our ways around.
Show us how to stop hurting you and start healing you.
Show us how small and vulnerable we are
            that we may realize there isn’t
                         a planet B out there waiting for us.

Help us to discover the meaning we seek in our lives
            will not be constructed out of your body.
The meaning we seek doesn’t require us to take from you
            but will be found in learning to give to you.

(c) Sam Trumbore (2016)